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Hey. My name is Austin Boice White. I’m really glad you’re here. 


I’m from Folsom, California, a city you’ve never heard of unless you’re fan of Johnny Cash, or you’ve done time in our prison (both very hardcore character traits). I really like punk music and the color green. Other hobbies include watching cartoons, playing the drums, eating candy, eating Greek food, and scrolling Tik Tok. And art. I’m an art director. 


Here are a few more pictures to serve as further proof of my existence. Catfishing is a big problem nowadays.

My favorite

picture I've ever taken. 

favorite car-03.png
queenie 2-03.png

     A moped mirror

   selfie after getting

 a parking violation 

grapes -03.png

Eating my favorite   

fruit in a trunk  

(only green)


According to Buzz         

Feed, I am a     

 Shiba Inu

tree beanie-03.png

A recent selfie.

horror blood-03.png

Cool label for   

Horror Blood  

from Party City

favorite jacket-03.png

Wearing my 

favorite jacket.

skip rock-03.png

I'm really good

at skipping rocks

(click here)


I own 8 pairs of 

high top 



I buy and

    collect vinyl 

        records. Basic!

triangle yea-03.png

My wife Aubry & I

at the Red Iguana 


Literally contact me any time you want. It doesn't matter, any time.

Here's my info again, and it'll be down further for a third time 

in the form of those little icons, so yea hit me up.

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