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Recently, I was lucky enough to lead the creative team in a rebrand of BYU's Black Student Union. As creatives we worked closely with Kofi Aidoo, strategist in the BYU AdLab and member of the BSU presidency, to create a new visual identity for the BSU, including logos (one main and several variations), fonts, accent colors, and instagram layouts/design elements that are dynamic yet simple to recreate. The rebrand rolled out in February 2021 in celebration of Black History Month.

current bsu instagram.png
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current logo.png
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bsu block logo -09.png
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yellow gram.png
bsu standard circle.png
 instagram - fonts-09.jpg

Alternate "block"

logos, standard

and inverted.

Standard logo can be presented without the "BYU" in smaller formats where visibility is diminished.

New standard logo (left), and inverted standard logo (below)


The BSU presidency asked for new logos and ideas to visually streamline their instagram account.

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 better yellow-02.jpg
 better yellow-03.jpg
black gram-06.png
 instagram - fonts-05.jpg
 better yellow-04.jpg
 instagram - fonts-07.jpg
front mask.png
alternate stickers.png
new shirt.png

The BSU requested a highlight color for their new brand identity and decided to go with this yellow after a few rounds of mockups. Not a bad choice if you ask me. They also indicated that they will be highlighting more stories of individual BSU members in their posts going forward. This new layout style (and the templates we've provided) allows them to do that while still leaving room for other content and maintaining a more dynamic visual presence.

Of course, with the new rollout, there had to be merch. Masks and stickers are in production as of February 2021, and T-Shirts will be coming soon. 

BSU logos -06 2.png
BSU logos -06 2.png

Lastly, an additional alternate logo to be used on selective merch, social media posts, and Instagram story highlights

Design/AD: Austin White 

Strategy: Kofi Aidoo

Additional Creative: Ben Burgoyne,

Katie Powell

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