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I love music. I play it in my free time and listen to it every day for hours on end. With this project, I hoped to push myself out of my creative comfort zone by interviewing bands that I feel embody a true spirit of DIY in their music (over zoom, of course). Getting real, non-local bands to agree to an interview with a student art director with no reputation in the music world proved difficult, but I was able to make it happen with a few groups that I love, and there are more in the works. Please excuse my terrible interviewing skills (although I did get better as time went on). Enjoy.

(all posters done by me)

Public Body Alt 3_.png
00:00 / 08:12

Public Body are a post-punk band from Brighton, UK. 

After releasing their EP "Talking Show" in 2019, the members of the group disbanded, all besides their frontman and songwriter Seb. He quickly regrouped and formed a second incarnation of Public Body, which released a string of killer singles in 2020. 

This was my first interview, and it's not great. But I had to start somewhere. 


Support Public Body here.

(Track: "Table Manners")

kraus smaller_.jpg
00:00 / 21:25

Kraus is a "noise-gaze" act from Dallas, Texas, front-manned by Will Kraus. Will released his first LP "End Tomorrow" in 2016, followed by "Path" in 2018 and the "Idyll" EP in the same year. 

Kraus has gained notoriety for his wild live shows, in which he often plays drums, sings, and bleeds simultaneously. 


If you listen to his music too loud, you will blow your ears out. But that's kind of the point.  

Apologies for the audio quality on this one, the interview took place/was recorded over the phone.

Support Kraus here

(Track: "Bum")

working pottery.jpg
00:00 / 17:55

Pottery are a 5-piece art rock band from Montreal, Quebec. They released their debut EP "No. 1" in 2019 and their debut album "Welcome to Bobby's Motel" in 2020. Many have described "Bobby's Motel" as a concept album, but it's not.  

If you like the grittiness of punk as well as the danceable polyrhythms of Brian-Eno era Talking Heads, Pottery is the band for you. 

If you don't, they're still the band for you.

Support Pottery here.

(Track: "Texas Drums Pt. I & II")

Toothpicks are one of my favorite local bands. They're two young brothers, Cade and Rhett, from Orem, Utah, making garage and surf-inspired rock music. They're also arguably the most DIY band on this list.

Together, Cade and Rhett put out two full-length albums ("How Mammals Eat", "Superb Ate") and 5 singles in about 7 months. That's a lot of music.


Support Toothpicks here.

(Track: "Black Licorice Girl")

toohpicks smaller .png
00:00 / 22:08
final empath compressed.jpg
00:00 / 02:51

Empath is an experimental noise rock group from Philadelphia, PA. This interview hasn't actually taken place yet (lol) as they've been busy in the studio, but they have agreed to do one with me so I thought I'd make a poster for them anyway. 

For now, enjoy their track "The Eye" off of 2018's "Liberating Guilt and Fear". It is raw, noisy, and gorgeous, and probably sits in my top 3 or 4 favorite songs of all time. 

Support Empath here.

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