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Many men are reluctant to talk about depression because of societal stigmas regarding masculinity. As a result, they bury their emotions under a hard exterior.


In response to the D&AD New Bloods Google brief, this campaign sheds light on the issue by relating it to lyrics of specific songs emerging from the 80's UK New Wave scene. All of the songs chosen sound happy and light, but are lyrically sad and dark. 

This campaign is a work-in-progress and will be finished by May 4, 2020. For more information on the brief, visit the D&AD New Bloods website. 

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final cover-05.png
album back art -08.png
vinyl back 2.png
vinyl front final.png
thorn tee front.png
thorn t shirt back.png
thorn tee front.png
thorn t shirt back.png

DIGITAL TOUCHPOINT (in progress, finished by May 4):

The final component to this campaign will be the "A New Wave of Masculinity" homepage, accessible via the  Samaritans website ( This web-page will address stigmas surrounding toxic masculinity and men's mental health and tie in more imagery/song lyrics from UK New Wave bands. Audiences will be able to access this page quickly and easily by scanning the QR code on the above posters and vinyl sleeve.

MY ROLE: Art Director, Concepting

COPY: Alec Samuelson

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