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Social creative for the greatest gas station/convenience store combo of all time. Eat your heart out, Circle K.




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On July 11th, 2021, Richard Branson made headlines by launching himself into space. But nobody steals our spotlight on 7-ELEVEn day. On July 12th, we reacted by announcing we'd be launching a Slurpee into space for the first time ever. *worked on as an AD intern alongside senior AD

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Over the last year and a half, 7-ELEVEn has has become nearly synonymous with the car community. In 2021, we started re-sharing UGC of cars at our stores, yielding tens of thousands of new followers and an entirely new #CarsOf7ELEVEn community to engage with . Being featured in one of 7-ELEVEn's weekly CARousels quickly became the ultimate honor for our car fans. In December 2022, we kicked off a contest to let our fans vote on the first inaugural 7-ELEVEn Car of the Year. Unbeknownst to them, we had something special in store for the announcement: a fully-produced hype video honoring the winner and their car. 

At the end of December, we teased that a winner had been chosen. We then jumped into a hyper-speed production with said winner, Tyler, and his car. Just a few weeks later, we announced him as our winner in the form of a 7-ELEVEn-ified hype video.

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How we launched it:

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Followers had the opportunity to vote between the top 7 performing #CarsOf7ELEVEn of 2022.  We partnered with car influencers to spread the word.

We asked the top 3 voted cars to create simple videos spotlighting their cars. We then posted these videos in-feed, tagged the owners, and tracked engagement to determine our winner. 

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The Big Gulp is one of the most iconic beverages of all time. So for April Fool's Day 2022, we partnered with miniatures artist Nadia Michaux to introduce the newest member of the Big Gulp family: the Tiny Gulp. We flooded both IG and Twitter with Tiny Gulp content and our fans went crazy for it.

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We took our 2021 holiday giveaway to 11 over the 7 Days of ELEVEn. The result? A lot of excited fans and almost 10,000 new IG followers in one week.

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In coming up with prizes, we thought a lot about fan behaviors at 7-ELEVEn stores and unique ways to bring the store experience to them. As the days went on, the prizes got bigger and better.

Copywriter: John Dillon

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