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Social creative for Burger King. Onboarded BK as a new client with Dentsu/360i and helped them navigate their social presence through a major brand repositioning.



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Mornings are rough, and many people need a bit of extra motivation to go grab breakfast. So for the release of BK's Cheesy Breakfast Melt, we crafted some undeniably (cheesy) motivational content for TikTok and Instagram.

Motivational speaker content for TikTok.


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The final flavor reveal: strawberry shortcake.

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To accompany the videos, we released an Instagram AR filter which allowed users to explore the Backrooms for themselves. Built into the filter was a game whose objective was to throw green herrings (see middle video above) at floating pieces of strawberry shortcake to earn points.

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In Summer of 2022, Burger King partnered with Fanta to tease and release a new mystery flavor of Frozen Fanta. To solve for this new flavor, we took our fans to one of the most confounding and mysterious corners of the internet: the Backrooms. We crafted a series of Backrooms exploration videos for IG and TikTok, each containing clues to help solve for the mystery flavor and ultimately leading up to a surreal flavor reveal. *3d renderings by Sukratti Jain and Kelly Bray*

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In late 2021, Burger King partnered with Robinhood to give away cryptocurrency with every $5 BK Royal Perks purchase. Being the crypto experts that we are (sarcasm), we used this opportunity to teach some of the basics of crypto on Instagram and TikTok, using BK menu items as the medium.

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Burger King sauces are a hot topic of conversation among their fans, and we're always looking for unique ways to keep that conversation going. Alongside food stylist Rachel Stickley, we crafted and captured Rorschach-inspired "Sauce Blots" out of real BK sauces. We posted them on Instagram and asked our fans to tell us what they could see.

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Copywriter: John Dillon

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