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Possibly the two most common reasons to stop while on a road trip are to get food or use the restroom. The former is a great pleasure; the latter is not. Simply put, no one likes going to the bathroom on a road trip. Fortunately, Del Taco is here to change that, by pimping out select, high-road-trip traffic locations to create a restroom experience unlike any other.


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Sheer beauty aside, Del Taco's Pit Stop Paradise offers the highest of amenities, including relaxing ocean sounds, warm, taco shell hand-dryers, and a variety of Del Taco mild, medium, hot, and avocado soaps.

Perhaps the pinnacle experience of this Pit Stop

Paradise is the stall itself. With LED screens lining the inside walls, users can operate a seres of foot pedals to transform their stall into a beach paradise of their choice (see diagrams/mockup below). 

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Upon leaving, guests are encouraged to take a piece of paradise back on the road with them with a limited edition Del Taco scented car freshener.

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Partnering with Google Maps, travelers will toggle Pit Stop Paradise and input the route that they are going to travel. All participating Del Taco PSP locations will show on the screen and a suggested goal number of rest stops will appear.

For each Pit Stop Paradise the user visits along the way, he or she will collect vouchers that can be redeemed for free food and drinks at their next stop.

If travelers arrive at their final destination having met the Pit Stop total number goal, they will receive free bottomless drinks for as long they wish to stay.

Beach wrap 2.jpg

Art Director: Austin White 

Copywriter: Dallin Slavens 

3D / Photoshop Artist:

Shane Dawson

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